Department of BioCybernetics and Aerospace Medicine (BICAM) 

National Aviation University

Our students live in a hostel of a corridor type in comfortable 3-roomed rooms. Corridor type is very convenient, since you can cook borsch all the floor)) Hostel №3 is located on the street Garmatna, 51, which is across the street from the university, that is, it saves time, and in the morning you can sleep longer. In the vicinity of 15 minutes from the hostel there are shops, pharmacies, a medical center and even night club Forsazh - a center for student leisure.

Dorm Management
Senior administrator: Yatsenko Elena Vasilievna
Regular administrator: Ryabokin Yuliya Nikolaevna
Castellanka: Butenko Claudia Anatolievna
Consumer: Murga Marina Volodymyrivna

 Information about the hostel:
Number of floors: 5 floors
Residential system: Corridor system
Number of rooms: 152 living rooms
Rooms: 2, 3 and 4 persons

Address: street. Garmath 51
Phone: (044) 406-68-23

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