Department of BioCybernetics and Aerospace Medicine (BICAM) 

National Aviation University

  1. The Department of Training of the National Training of the National University of Healthcare of the Training of the Faculty of Tactical Direction.

The Department of Military Training of the National Aviation University carries out the training of specialists in military tactical control.

Basic training of students and cadets is carried out at the civil departments of the National Aviation University, and the study of military and military special disciplines is organized directly at the Department of Military Training.

The Department of Military Training prepares citizens of Ukraine for positions of officers for military service under a contract with a term of education of 5.5 years (Bachelor - 4 years, Master - 1.5 years) for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations in the following specialties and specializations .

Training at the Department of Military Training of the NAU on the program of training reserve officers, with a term of 2 years, is held in 19 military-account specialties:

  1. Fighting of military units and units of communication and radio engineering of aviation;
  2. Fighting of onboard aviation radio communication of classified, high-speed and telescope communications;
  3. Technology and storage of material and technical means of fuel service, their operation, and repair;
  4. Fighting the use of automotive airfield flight departments;
  5. Organization of military commissions and military transportation;
  6. Operation and repair of airplanes, helicopters and aviation engines;
  7. On-board operation of helicopters and aviation engines;
  8. Operation and repair of aircraft and aviation engines;
  9. Exploitation and repair of unmanned reconnaissance aircraft;
  10. Operation and repair of aviation weapons;
  11. Operation and repair of aviation missile weapons;
  12. Operation and repair of aviation equipment of aircraft and helicopters;
  13. Operation and maintenance of the electronic equipment of aircraft, helicopters and aircraft missiles;
  14. Operation and repair of oxygen-gas and other means of airfield maintenance of airplanes and helicopters;
  15. Operation and repair of radio equipment for aviation flights;
  16. Construction and operation of objects of general military and special purpose;
  17. Organization of aviation and technical support;
  18. Organization of meteorological and geophysical support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;
  19. Operation and repair of radar equipment for flight and landing of aircraft.

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