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Specialty information

Today one of the main directions of the country's development is the development of medical equipment and materials for medical purposes, which requires the involvement of highly educated specialists with knowledge and skills in biology, medicine, medical technology, medical electronics, materials science. Medical institutions actively use medical equipment, including diagnostic, laboratory, hospital, anesthesia-respiratory, X-ray and radiological and physiotherapeutic equipment, washing and sterilization equipment, rehabilitation equipment, etc. In addition, the informatization of health care in Ukraine is intensively developing, which also requires the appropriate status of engineering personnel.

In the medical institutions of the Ukrainian health care system, there are areas with uncertain specialists who are sometimes involved in very responsible medical and diagnostic procedures using sophisticated medical equipment and aggressive technologies (artificial circulation devices, programming artificial heart rate drivers, artificial heart, optometric research, etc.). Abroad, these specialists are biomedical engineers who fill the space in the health care system associated with the operation of complex medical equipment, as doctors do not have the appropriate training.


Learning process

Teaching disciplines of all blocks of the curriculum of the educational-professional program "Biomedical Engineering" is provided by highly qualified scientific and pedagogical workers who have scientific degrees and academic titles that meet licensing and accreditation requirements.

The department has: two professors, doctors of technical sciences, three doctors of medical sciences, including two honored educators, one doctor of technical sciences, a senior researcher, five candidates of technical sciences, four of them have the academic title of associate professor, one candidate of medical sciences and one candidate of pedagogical sciences working part-time. Teaching is in Ukrainian.


Training facilities and laboratories

The department laboratories are equipped with modern computer equipment and the necessary equipment for practical and laboratory work.

The department has three part-time doctors of medical sciences (including two honored educators) and one candidate of medical sciences working at the National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology named after O.O. Shalimov National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. They teach laboratory and practical classes and lectures using modern medical equipment.


Practice and employment

Biomedical equipment and technologies, biometrics, bioelectronics, medical electronics and monitoring, production and processing of biosignals and medical images, biomaterials and biocompatibility, service and technologies of medical equipment, biomechanics, telemedicine, modeling and simulation, rehabilitation engineering, computer graphics, medical informatics, cell and tissue engineering, laboratory and analytical technology, aspects of legalization (certification) of medical products – all this is biomedical engineering. Therefore, training and internships are important aspects of successful learning, where theoretical skills are consolidated after each course of study.

A biomedical engineer is an employee in the field of development, design, production, operation, repair, service, examination and certification, assessment of compliance with technical regulations, biosecurity and biosafety standards of biological and medical equipment, biomedical products and medical biomaterials, artificial organs, biological and medical technologies, also related software and information technology for biology, medicine, and medical instrumentation.

Biomedical engineers are distinguished by the fact that their engineering education is integrated with biological and medical from the beginning.


Percentage of employed graduates

We are proud of all our graduates, most of whom are employed in the specialty.

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