Department of BioCybernetics and Aerospace Medicine (BICAM) 

National Aviation University

Teaching is conducted in Ukrainian. The training is carried out at the expense of the state order and the contract form (the cost of training under the contract form in the document attached at the end of the page).  Students receive the knowledge necessary for research, design (design), testing, production, installation and installation, repair and maintenance, rehabilitation of electronic and radio electronic devices (devices, devices, systems) for medical purposes; development of measures for the safe operation of medical electronic equipment during construction; the production of diagnostic and medical devices.

Peculiarities of the Conditions of Entry to Universities 2019 CZSO
(information from the official site of NAU)
  1. Not more than 7 applications from 4 specialties (full-time and part-time forms of training separate statements) for the place of government order, the contract - is not limited;
  2. Electronic filing of applications, except for persons who enter special conditions and military higher educational establishments and units;
  3. Registration of electronic cabinets from 01.07.- 21.07.2019 (for studying under the state order) till July 01 to August 30 (for training for the funds of individuals and legal entities);
  4. Testimonial certificates are accepted for the 2017-2018-2019 years, (foreign language certificates will not be accepted in 2017);
  5. 150 minimum marks from the first and second competition subjects in specialty 081 Law, 281 Public administration and administration;
  6. Participants of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad of the institution of higher education may receive additional points for the evaluation of the EA certificate from one relevant subject from 1 to 20 points (for specialties from the List of specialties, which are given special support).

  Required documents

  •  Copy of identity document / birth certificate;
  • A document of a state standard about the previously acquired educational level, on the basis of which the introduction is made, and a copy of the annex to it;
  • Certificate (certificates) of external independent evaluation;
  • Medical certificate form O-086 (U-086);
  • Military ticket or temporary certificate (instead of a military ticket) - for the military; certificate of appointment to the compulsory division - for conscripts.
  • documents confirming the right to enter the competition on the results of entrance exams on the basis of full secondary education, enrollment for interview, enrollment at quotas-1, quotas-2
  • or by quota-3 (if available).
  • 4 color photos in the size of 3 x 4 cm.
Note: when submitting copies, the original documents must be present;
The original documents are submitted by the entrant only once (fulfillment of the requirements for enrollment).

 Key learning outcomes:
Graduates of the program have the knowledge necessary for the research and forecasting, development and production of electronic and radio electronic devices (devices, means, complexes, systems) for medical purposes; design (design), development of technology for the manufacture, testing, installation and installation of electronic medical devices, and also have the following key competencies:
  • performance evaluation, diagnostics and adjustment of medical electronics devices;
  • solving problems of optimization, updating and updating of technology and production of technical radio-electronic medical devices;
  • analysis of scientific and technical and patent literature on the state, trends and development of electronic medical equipment, technical, technological and design documentation, including a foreign language;
  • conducting of tests, experimental and theoretical researches of properties of materials, components and devices of electronic equipment;
  • development of measures for the safe operation of medical electronic equipment during construction;
  • production of control devices;
  • development of design, technological, metrological and organizational-management documentation;
  • creation of new technical solutions, their legal protection, technology transfer.

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