Department of BioCybernetics and Aerospace Medicine (BICAM) 

National Aviation University

The Department of Biocybernetics and Aerospace Medicine was founded in 2003. Since 2010 it has been training higher education students in the educational-professional program "Biotechnical and medical devices and systems" (specialty 172 "Telecommunications and Radio Engineering") and since 2012 - "Biomedical Engineering" (specialty 163 "Biomedical Engineering").

 Founder - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Vyacheslav Danylovich Kuzovyk.

 Since 2013 the department has been intensively training highly qualified personnel under the supervision of Professor Kuzovyk: defended one doctoral dissertation and eight PhD dissertations on specialty "Biological and medical devices and systems", including four theses under the supervision of Professor Kuzovyk.


The head of the BIKAM department since July 2021 is Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Larysa Oleksandrivna Kosheva. She is the author of more than 160 scientific and educational publications, including monographs, textbooks, manuals. Her research interests include metrology and metrological support of measurements, testing, and control, in particular in the biomedical field; methods of statistical processing of experimental research results.

Since 2012 she is a full member of the Academy of Metrology of Ukraine, head of "Metrology in Medicine and Pharmacology", a member of two specialized scientific councils for the award of scientific degrees: D64.827.01 (SC "Institute of Metrology" (Kharkiv) and D05.052.02 NTTU "KPI" (Kyiv) in the specialty "Standardization, certification and metrological support", since 2021 she is a member of the PO "Association of Biomedical Engineers and Technologists".

Nowadays, she is working on the scientific problem of developing methods of personalized assessment of human health to implement the "concept of health" in the health care system of Ukraine.

The Department of Biocybernetics and Aerospace Medicine has a strong teaching staff. The department has two doctors of technical sciences, one doctor of medical sciences, six candidates of technical sciences - five of them have graduated from the department.

Professors of the Department Kuzovyk and Kosheva provide a high level of training for higher education. 83% of scientific and pedagogical staff of the department are teachers with scientific degrees and titles, which matches the licensing and accreditation requirements. All scientific and pedagogical workers who have scientific degrees and academic titles work at the department permanently, so the share of teachers employed continually is 80%.

The department actively cooperates with stakeholders involved in the educational process of the department, conducting training and practice, internships for teachers. These stakeholders participate in the work of the state attestation commission, discuss the content of educational and professional programs, consult, provide advice and wishes in the development of curricula of disciplines, manage the qualification (diploma) work of students.


These are employees of academic institutes - the National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology named after O.O. Shalimov, Institute of Physiology named after O.O. Bogomolets NAS of Ukraine, Institute of Cybernetics named after V.M. Glushkova NAS of Ukraine, with which the department has signed Cooperation Agreements.

Our graduates, who hold leading management positions at Vector-Best-Ukraine LLC, Aurora Rehabilitation Hearing Center LLC, Siemens Medicine LLC, Zdravo LLC, etc., take an active part in the department's life. These companies provide students with the opportunity to work on modern medical equipment, hold master classes, acquaint themselves with the needs of the modern market of medical equipment and the requirements for employees of companies. Teaching staff, graduate students, and students for the past five years performed cathedral researches: 19A / 08.01.03 "Methodological basis for assessing the accuracy of test results of biomedical equipment", 33 / 08.01.03 "Development of methods for assessing the psychophysiological state of the operator", 33 / 14.01 .03 "Development of a methodology for building a system to increase the likelihood of assessing the psychophysiological state of specialists in extreme activities" and 52-2021 / 14.01.03 "Technologies for assessing and improving the quality of biomedical facilities of various natures."

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