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The primary procedure for resolving conflict situations among higher education seekers is to contact the curator to resolve the situation, if necessary, to the head of the department or dean of the faculty. Depending on the nature of the conflict situation, representatives of the student government may be involved in the resolution. According to the Rector's Order (№184/od from 01.06.20), the Regulations on the Commission for Corruption Risk Assessment of NAU for consideration of applications for identified corruption offenses were put into effect ( The main tasks of the commission are to consider applications for identified corruption offenses and to make appropriate decisions based on the results of the review; if necessary, submit proposals on problematic issues that arise during the work of the commission; involvement, if necessary, to participate in the work of the commission of university staff.


You can provide statements, information, and notifications about detected corruption offenses through the hotline at + 38-044-497-73-37 or internal telephones 61-10, 68-67, 68-68, e-mails to the, through a box of trust in the first building of NAU.

The Anti-Corruption Program of the National Aviation University is currently in force (Approved by the Rector's Order of March 2, 2020, № 084/od) ( To resolve conflicts related to sexual harassment and discrimination, the Academic Council of NAU approved the "Regulations on Bullying, Mobbing, Cyberbullying, Harassment" ( Cases of such conflict situations are considered by the Commissions of the Faculty and NAU for Crime Prevention (

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